May God please hear my cry before I die I realize I don’t despise those that characterize my demise and pull my down as I try to rise

I try to fly with clipped wings soaked in the brainstorming of there plot four!r my pain
Life is lovely to live but how when I’m so scared I regret my tomorrow
Pumped with fear not of past failures but new temptations
Patiently waiting to strike
That allow me to be an angel i!
n the day but I devil in the night as God said we cannot dwell in light and dark for we cannot do both
To be both we choke and choke and no longer r we aligned withthe divine but we dwell within the gray line until are heart is to be judged
My God please forgive my past and future mistakes
From the flesh that brought me to my knees to the spirit that puts me at my feet
I will never accept defeat but during battle I do retreat
Cowardice can never rest in paradise no need to confuse
U cannot lose when u know what u chose and love what u do cuz it’s u
◦ I will never be mistaken for someone who chose to separate if I dwell with the weak
✓ And talk what they talk and speak what they speak


Dark nights bright soul

Entrapped by love with fear of rejection Timidly waiting on Gods direction
as as life tends to pass me by before my eyes can see clear

My vision is blurred to an extent that has my mind wonder
more as i cope with the thought that i will never see Gods illuminating light when i pass

My soul may not be sold for money
 But i tend to gamble with the idea of love

All in with blind eyes
I stand as a man with a shooken foundation
 Finding myself wallowing underneath the trials of this world
 Only to see it has nothing for me
,Sheeps with a world full of wolves

protect me from myself

Show me the light as I seek only in the dark
Through caves, graves, and mazes trying to find me

Father help me define me
 Help me untwine and always remind me
I am your property

My question for that claim has been my life lesson of shame

Although knowing there is more to me
t than what meets my blind eyes

Walk alone…

On earth alone with God is a somehow a fear,and not and opportunity to be powerful beyond measure,

because with that becomes flesh and its desires for human pleasure,

its something better within us and I call it a spirit,

and the irony in that is that Gods plan was giving us a choice to hear it,

but we fear it,

why sacrifice in a society

where normality is not sobriety and sin comes in such a variety,


generations have been passed down with an inheritance of poison that never evolves and just dissolves,

now how can you bear fruit from the vine of Christ in poisonous waters,

and plant seeds with that soil to our sons and daughters,

but if we could only walk alone with God

and experience the true presence of is his plan,

and stay alone and feel alone but only need his presence where you stand,

we control as one soul on judgement day where we go,

Through God we can plant new trees and watch them grow,

breaking chains of genetics and cultural diseases,

and not pleasure at the wrong measures that we think that pleases us,

and yet if we new what that does nothing but mislead us and tease us,

Walk alone with God I promise it will please us,

I think about that as i walk alone with Jesus

Th Grace to keep trying

Why do I keep taking two steps forward just to take one step back.

God give me grace beyond my flesh that I may see the brighter me that I may never be.The Me that I catch glimpses of when My heart is open to your plan for my soul.God I question If i will ever be made whole?Will I ever reach the best me for the world that you planned?Because I fall fall and fall on this earth as a man.Can i come with you now hold me under your wing let me take refuge in your hand, I stand here feeling alone holding on to that of a strand,For If am the salt of the land let it be that I may taste victory at the end as on the earth I continue to wallow in the bitter taste of defeat.I just want to make you proud father so that I may be proud to greet you at your seat, but this addiction is my mountain;my goliath my challenge you put before me and I will keep fighting until I breakthrough unto more of me .My rock My foundation,my escape into solitude,Yaweh

I will keep fighting until I have nothing left and love you with all my heart but forgive sometimes as I fellowship within the dark.My robe is blemished with the scum of sin and temptation,with no testimony to give after trial and tribulation,I give you me through this poem that I write.

The bright soul of the dark knight.