May God please hear my cry before I die I realize I don’t despise those that characterize my demise and pull my down as I try to rise

I try to fly with clipped wings soaked in the brainstorming of there plot four!r my pain
Life is lovely to live but how when I’m so scared I regret my tomorrow
Pumped with fear not of past failures but new temptations
Patiently waiting to strike
That allow me to be an angel i!
n the day but I devil in the night as God said we cannot dwell in light and dark for we cannot do both
To be both we choke and choke and no longer r we aligned withthe divine but we dwell within the gray line until are heart is to be judged
My God please forgive my past and future mistakes
From the flesh that brought me to my knees to the spirit that puts me at my feet
I will never accept defeat but during battle I do retreat
Cowardice can never rest in paradise no need to confuse
U cannot lose when u know what u chose and love what u do cuz it’s u
◦ I will never be mistaken for someone who chose to separate if I dwell with the weak
✓ And talk what they talk and speak what they speak