Th Grace to keep trying

Why do I keep taking two steps forward just to take one step back.

God give me grace beyond my flesh that I may see the brighter me that I may never be.The Me that I catch glimpses of when My heart is open to your plan for my soul.God I question If i will ever be made whole?Will I ever reach the best me for the world that you planned?Because I fall fall and fall on this earth as a man.Can i come with you now hold me under your wing let me take refuge in your hand, I stand here feeling alone holding on to that of a strand,For If am the salt of the land let it be that I may taste victory at the end as on the earth I continue to wallow in the bitter taste of defeat.I just want to make you proud father so that I may be proud to greet you at your seat, but this addiction is my mountain;my goliath my challenge you put before me and I will keep fighting until I breakthrough unto more of me .My rock My foundation,my escape into solitude,Yaweh

I will keep fighting until I have nothing left and love you with all my heart but forgive sometimes as I fellowship within the dark.My robe is blemished with the scum of sin and temptation,with no testimony to give after trial and tribulation,I give you me through this poem that I write.

The bright soul of the dark knight.


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