Th Grace to keep trying

Why do I keep taking two steps forward just to take one step back.

God give me grace beyond my flesh that I may see the brighter me that I may never be.The Me that I catch glimpses of when My heart is open to your plan for my soul.God I question If i will ever be made whole?Will I ever reach the best me for the world that you planned?Because I fall fall and fall on this earth as a man.Can i come with you now hold me under your wing let me take refuge in your hand, I stand here feeling alone holding on to that of a strand,For If am the salt of the land let it be that I may taste victory at the end as on the earth I continue to wallow in the bitter taste of defeat.I just want to make you proud father so that I may be proud to greet you at your seat, but this addiction is my mountain;my goliath my challenge you put before me and I will keep fighting until I breakthrough unto more of me .My rock My foundation,my escape into solitude,Yaweh

I will keep fighting until I have nothing left and love you with all my heart but forgive sometimes as I fellowship within the dark.My robe is blemished with the scum of sin and temptation,with no testimony to give after trial and tribulation,I give you me through this poem that I write.

The bright soul of the dark knight.


You can never drink enough water

I ask myself am I more at will for him to use me as his vessel behind bars and of course God quickly answers me no. He says no son for that was only the  preparation for your mission here. As i still ponder on that question engaged mentally but spiritually broken not allowing Gods voice to be digested into my starved spirit that was seeking for daily bread. God say’s again son for you have seen me perform miracles before your eyes in jail. You have had whole nights of me revealing you revelations where your heart could not do anything but cry because you felt unworthy of hearing such enlightening wisdom. Son I have spoken to you and provided you with the very answers you seek. So believe me when I tell you If I can do all that while you were in there imagine what I am going to do while your out here.Just because you have failed to temptation does not mean you are going to Fail  his plan.His word is eternal and on his time.You can never drink enough water God says.Meaning I Will fill you for the rest of your life as long as you stay thirsty for more. Again my word is eternal so be not discouraged by your failures in my plan. Remember we cannot fail God but we can fail ourselves but if we truly are submitting to his will then were submitting to his plans. It seems as though sometimes we get distracted in out plans temptations and desires. Just remember we can never be perfect and God is forgiving only judging you for the integrity in our hearts. I felt like I failed God I had all these intentions to do all God has showed me through dreams and  books and once I had my own free will I did otherwise. The question I had to ask myself was this.If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to heaven is paved with relentless faith.

Is Faith a strength or accomplishment?

Is Forgiveness a power?

Do we have expectations from God?

If God asked you to build a home how would it look?

These things cross my mind as mere thought’s while incarcerated with Jesus and not only My God but My friend. It seems like its been forever since I’ve been that close with him but in reality its only been a month. A month since He has had me all to himself. No distractions no temptation’s, just me, him, the bible, and my thoughts and our divinity. The irony in how being bound brings me closer to him and being free makes me drift away. The freedom of once having such an intimate relationship with him behind bars to  being stripped from freedom brought me closer to God as I have ever been.